Gin is produced using the Compound method,
For the base of the distillate, pure neutral alcohol from cereals and distilled water are used.
The two main botanicals (lemon and fennel) are natural and organic from the island of Ponza. They are distilled in a simple copper still over direct heat.
The classic spice base is added to the mixture thus obtained together with juniper, and, after a period of rest, it is filtered and brought to 42% alcohol content, finally, following filtration, sea salt is added.
The drink is smooth, at the first sip comes the citrus note of lemon, followed by the alcoholic infatuation to which the palate gets used.
At the second sip you can savor the aromatic properties of the wild fennel, which enhance all the flavor of the Gin.
It leaves the right flavor in the finish thanks to the presence of sea salt.